Braincase Blues


shit just got real
life fucking hurts

emotions pour in
tumble out to empty me

an audience of one drama
spectators get the cliff notes

all thoughts on repeat to the nth degree
pain drags like spikes in my grey matter

good memories hurt
good feelings replaced with pain

every nerve lit
but deadened

i need time, meds, answers
and rest

i need life not to suck so much

27 thoughts on “Braincase Blues

      1. If you’ve sent a reply, I still don’t have it. Can you type the email address I need to submit to as a comment here? I literally can’t even see the email addy. The platform attempts to bring up outlook express and I don’t have outlook express. Big ole fail lol


      2. I don’t have an actual spam folder via the email platform I use. I’m sent reports on what was ‘captured’ and held back. I should have that report tomorrow AM. I use a web based email rather than localized such as microsofts outlook. πŸ™‚

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