My Other Babies

Writing pieces for publication is like having children.

Each one I give birth to (write) will be nurtured (reviewed & edited) until it is grown-up (complete). Then I reluctantly let it go out into the world (publish it). My hope is that it is written well enough to have an impact on the world in a positive way.

My descendants (inspired audience) will continue the good that was started with just an idea or brief thought to hopefully make this world a better place.

May my legacy (my other babies) be remembered well.

Originally posted at Susi’s Soap Box 6/5/2013

21 thoughts on “My Other Babies

  1. Ha! Loved this! A brilliant post! I confess to having some of the exact same feelings (minus the publishing, except for WP) you have expressed. I have kind of always looked at writing a poem or other writings as having “Birthed” them.
    Not so crazy when you look at them the way you expressed! They do have a life of their own once you send them out into the world! Hopefully, touching the heart and soul of readers, for the better! Susi, this is really supper!!!

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  2. Love this! What an excellent way to look at your writing. It’s important for the pen to reflect what we want to say. Nurturing our writing and seeing the finished product is fulfilling. Nice post.

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