Forward or back?

One could argue going back is not a bad thing, although most would say forward is the only way. That’s progress.

Forward = Progress, Backwards = Failure

Is it really, though?

Some things might be better with progress, but it would seem to also create more to solve or resolve. Don’t you think?

We forget that some things, not all things, were actually easier just to feel content with. It didn’t require advancement. It was an acceptance of something good and held some ease for us because it was ingrained in us. That isn’t always a bad thing.

As much as I love progress and doing things better (and I really do!),  I’ve also found that development introduces a new level of “work” that has to be incorporated. It actually means adjusting in a way to what is easier but then requires more effort to be “aware.” It fills your mind to the point where you’re at a maximum state of involvement. Is that really progress? For me, it just means another challenge to balance.

It’s like we are more engaged in a way but not meaningfully. So I feel like simplification is distancing us from meaning. How then is this progress a good thing?

I, for one, would like to remain genuinely invested in this world.

What about you – how do you feel about progress?

10 thoughts on “Progress/Schmogress

  1. Progress can be a good thing if it is also improvement. IMO, not all progress produces improvement and all too often, is a matter of greed. Destroying our forests to keep building is endangerment to sustaining a healty planet. What’s heart breaking is to see empty shopping centers and other structures that bit the dust because of over building for the area.

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  2. Most progress comes at a pretty high cost—Nature. That same nature that would be enough wonder to every newbie that hits the planet, is desecrated daily to provide things I don’t want, but am forced to use. Taking a step back is excellent progress in my book. More even better.

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