Best friends
know all the parts of you
are the holders of your broken and healed parts
cherish your being
drop everything to prop you up
talk you through your misery
share their joy intensely
always excited for all the chatting to be had

Close friends
care for your welfare
hug away the fear
delighted in your presence
make the effort to spend time
always just a phone call away
treasure the occasional company
are trustworthy until they are not

offer condolences
sayΒ awww with a forced enthusiasm
talk about you as necessary
wish you the best
don’t remember important things
say hi and bye fairly quickly
frequently disappear from your life

smile with the intent of doing damage
set sabotage in motion
talk trash behind your back
mind fuck the real friends
suck the air out of a room
have nothing good to say
lie to get what they want

May you have more than just a single digit number of best friends,
a whole community of close friends, a nominal amount of acquaintances,
and be spared enemies as you travel down your timeline.

22 thoughts on “Interactions

  1. Possibly my comment about FB is a bit of a stretch. You may end up making good friends through online communication but I strongly disagree that people can call each other friends just because they are connected through Facebook having never met or interacted.

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  2. Alas, Facebook (which I like to call Fakebook) has just spoiled the meaning of Friends. One may have few friends but sincere ones.

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  3. It’s asking me to share my thoughts. But you’ve already shared my thoughts. Brilliantly put and penned! I thank you for spreading the word my friend πŸ™‚πŸ‘β€ if I may call you friend. Still I loved it!

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