56 thoughts on “I’d Like To Know…

  1. Of course Honesty is the preferred quality. However, honesty is a nebulous asset. Can we always say we are “honest” with others? How do we know others are being “honest” with us?

    In some instances, predictability may be favored in that we know what to expect and will not be disappointed in the long run.

    Interesting question, Susi. πŸ€”

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      1. I believe we judge the honesty of people by our own standard. If we think stealing 1 buck is okay but 100 is not then are we being honest? Someone may think stealing 100 is ok but 1000 is not. It’s a relative term with respect to the judge.

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      2. But who is the judge of right thing. How will we say that a particular thing is right or wrong. Right is also subject to circumstances as is honesty. In a certain circumstance something may seem right which is unacceptable in normal conditions. Rights and honesty will always be subject to our own morals and circumstances. As much I want to agree with you I have no way to find out the truth in the absolute terms, non subjective, non circumstantial.

        This ofcourse remains my correct opinion until I form another one.😊

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      3. When you use the idea that stealing in levels means some would see it as ok, I guess I would say that stealing at any level is wrong. The things we do or say that ultimately create harm to others, is dishonest and wrong. And I believe that is a universal concept. Yes, they may be subject to individual interpretation but ultimately, anything that is hurting others and ourselves is not the right thing to do. Maybe this give you some food for thought? πŸ˜‰

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      4. Oh. You say food. I am raised a vegetarian and I think hurting animals to eat is a wrong thing. do you agree with me. Plants have life too, but I am okay hurting plants. Their pain does not concern me. What is right ? eating animals or plants or not eating at all. In all the above conditions you will be hurting someone, the animals or plants or yourself.

        you say stealing at any level is wrong. to steal one bread to feed a dyeing homeless. It is wrong or right? Or If i see a dying man and feed him chicken. Does I save a life or kill another. Which is more important the life of a human or an animal and according to whom. I must say the rooster’s family would consider it wrong. I might think this right.

        What is the universal concept of truth, righteousness or honesty? Will we ever know and how? Who will decide it?

        I might have gone overboard with this one. usually I do not do this much deep thinking. I think it right I go read my Batman comic. That would be a honest relief from the real world. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :).

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      5. All very good questions! And not easily answered would be my thought. πŸ™‚ I guess you’re giving bme more to ponder on then. LOL Enjoy your comics while I wrestle with deep thoughts! πŸ˜‰

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  2. One of my vendors always say, ” you have to fear the honest people for you don’t know when they will become dishonest. And as for the dishonest you always know what they are going to do.😁. Now you know my answer.

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      1. When I am dishonest, I am bound to be insecure & off course I will loose control on how I behave out of insecurity.

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  3. Always honesty. If you’re not being honest with me, then you’re not being honest with yourself. I find that an incredible amount of people like to place blame on everyone but themselves. How honest are you being?

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  4. Honesty is more predictable than lies. You can trust s person who is honest anytime and understand through vibes they are speaking truth. No matter how blunt or straight the honesty may be if there is honesty one will never ever be let down.

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  5. Predicable honesty? It is nice to have a couple of people I can always get a straight answer. I’ve had some ideas I thought were pretty good where people have been too kind. Better to see the reality of it than the yes man answer. It’s even happened on my blog. Rather than confront the idea some avoid the topic at hand. Fortunately I have some straight shooters that will challenge which helps me shape my ideas in a more realistic manner.

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      1. I’m really interested in developing myself and my ideas to really make sense. Hard to do when everything is sugarcoated. Nice to see you Susi.

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  6. Absolutely, for sure, Honesty. Not is it only “The best policy” its so important in any relationship. Truth is the key. I always say if you want to know the truth about someone, look
    for it. If you’d rather not know because it’s gonna hurt ……..don’t look. I know, I’ve looked too many times and discovered the lies and I’m not one for confrontation so….You asked for a gut reaction. 😏

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