Role Model



Some people have said that they look up to me. Please don’t. I’m just as human as you are. I have failings. I have failed. But I keep moving forward. At times, it’s just small steps. Eventually, I get where I want to go. This works for me, helps to better me. It doesn’t make me out to be something special, just facilitates my self-improvement.

It’s something you can do too.

22 thoughts on “Role Model

  1. Excellent for self improvement. I don’t compete, I’m about community. I don’t compete, except to be better Version of me than I was yesterday. And, that’s not competition. That’s evolution, and sometimes simply, death is the mother of memory. And, yesterday is a memory that nourishes the perpetual present where dreams rain in based on how our actins magnetize them to orbit in our general direction to help guide motion. Part Astrology, and part the Imagination Solar System present within each of us.

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