Fade To Black


life is waiting
for us to appear
lacking strength
once again

this blanket of doom
feeling wrapped up
cold dysfunction

held hostage by fear
it stakes a claim
on our courage
strangles it

eyes can’t face the day
legs won’t move
a body screaming
with electricity

the weight of the world
too much
retreat the only option
back to bed

we grow accustomed to the dark


Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #81


26 thoughts on “Fade To Black

  1. A unique take on the birth-to-death cycle … there is a force out there to ground us. I believe in this as I see a family elder ( a medical genius of his times) become totally dependent with a failing physique and mental faculties.

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    1. You’ve been able to pull out a whole new meaning from this than what I had intended but it’s brilliant, Reena! We start off whole and deteriorate, whether we’re talking about life or incidents of depression and anxiety as I was describing. That is very interesting that you picked it up that way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Reena! ❤

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      1. It happens quite often that readers perceive it another way than the intended meaning, but IMO it adds value to the writing. We don’t really start out whole – we are very dependent in the first few years of life.

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      2. I agree that it adds value! You’re so right that we don’t start out whole, should have used better language. I meant to say, with respect to depression, our lives start whole but then suffer with bouts of illness.

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