Sunday Best: Rebirth

How very cool to have been selected for publication on Free Verse Revolution! 🙂


It’s been a while since we’ve shared our favourite prompt responses. March was a relatively quiet writing month but this week’s prompt drew in several responses, so here they are. Thank you to those who shared their work with us!

IMG_2279Best Days Ahead – Susi Bocks

Life’s cruelty held me down
it dampened me
became hardened even
but there lays
determination within
It resides deep down
in the folds of my being
From this place of
darkness and
stoic bravado
I will emerge
I will rise
Watch me become

Total Admiration – Bryan’s Poetry Column

As fatherhood is rapidly approaching my life,

I reflect on the enrichment, added by my wife.

Opening the door to the softness of my soul,

teaching me the beauty of self-control.

How to gather a diamond, from a piece of coal,

while using family, as our supreme goal.

From understanding the rain, to feeling the…

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