16 thoughts on “Staved Off

      1. My pleasure. Any time I see the image of child seeming oblivious to all but the book in his or her hands I am touched and memory spills. No matter the station or the experience, my vote is for books for kids. When I found the Webster’s unabridged 18-inch thick dictionary among my parents’ books as a pre-schooler I knew at last I had a tool to open the doors. Words, unlike teachers and parents – adults – do not lie in dictionaries: at least in 1950 they didn’t. And, yes, it is time I broke out the OED American English book for a cover-to-cover before I enter my 7th decade, still a child.

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      2. Words are life! Your connection to words reminds me of my own. I felt like I understood myself and the world around me better if I could accurately describe it. I love words! But the urban dictionary may lie. LOL I look forward to your future posts. 🙂

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      3. Urban dictionary – if thick enough – may lay upon some short child’s diningroom chair and thus it will find ample example of usefulness. Else, I am unsure. I have encountered a bit of such urban(e) dictoriarying of late but have not succumbed. J

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      4. Oh, I am sure, Susi. Often I find time to write my own “skewed” daffynitions – some few find their way here and on FB in the Notes section, but often I find myself parsing time on the computer with other pursuits – like woodswalking – sometimes for well-paid employment and other times to enjoy the cathedral sans granite or the wetlands’ sometimes dangerous denizens. There is – in my lessthanhumble opinion no such thing as a bad word – only bad usage, of which I find myself as often in gaol as not when a simple click to google could save me, or so I assume. What separates this keyboard from the main housing group is the notebook I keep with my oft-indecipherable scribbles complete with squiggles and arrors and editorial markup signatures, underwhich rests my pocket spellingofwords book, which has kept me off mine own petard three-often-times to count. I rather admire S.L. Clemens words on writing – I paraphrase: There is nothing wrong with writing. So long as you do it in private. And wash your hands afterward. (me again:) I sin quite often from those dictates but still enjoy the tongue-through-and-not-just-in cheek of Twian’s commentar.

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