I’m In Love

Now I’m in love too…
Enjoy Stella’s thoughts 🙂


I’m in love with the night sky and the how stars poke through my window

I’m in love with myself again and how even after getting to know myself, I still think I’m pretty great

I’m in love with you yeah you because you breathe so beautifully

I’m in love with the dirt in my yard and the way it feels on my freshly painted toes

I’m in love with forgiveness and how freeing it is

I’m in love with memories and how they decorate my mind

I’m in love with mirrors and how they show my beautifully flawed self

I’m in love with words and how they send me on an adventure

I’m in love with my eyes and how they fill a hole

I’m in love with time because it healed my soul

I’m in love with rainbows because they remind me of a promise

I’m in love…

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