20 thoughts on “I See A Future

      1. You’re most welcome–and it must be nice to be an eternal optimist! I’m lucky if I can manage it for a week or 2, before falling off the edge again…I’ve learned to accept the cycles 🙂

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      2. Don’t misunderstand, there are down days but I lean towards solutions and better outcomes. I think it’s because I came to terms with the idea that bad things are just present. Our job is to overcome and deal with it as best we can.


      3. I like your philosophy and goal…I’m just not there yet, may never be due to negative/abusive upbringing. The imprinting or scarring is hard to over come–and I’ve at least progressed to those days or weeks when I’m happy, optimistic and able to think in terms of creative win/win solutions 🙂 We’re all progressing at different speeds, hopefully–and we learn from one another 🙂

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      4. Thank you, Susi–the older I get, the better I feel…maybe it’s the fact of getting “distance” from things. We all have our good and “less than” days 🙂 I wish you every good thing, as well ❤

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