Inspired by Hélène Vaillant – What Do You See? – 2/26/2019

This night, cold and icy. I gaze at the huge, gorgeous orb and the shadows it casts around my castle, feeling goosebumps and serenity. Odd how I can feel excitement and ease at the same time. I watch as my breath adds a layer of fog to my vision.

But it’s too frigid out here. This selenophile must go back now. The only warmth I’m feeling is the slight glow from my staff. Serves me right if I freeze to death trying to see the moon from this vantage point.

Good night, lovely moon! Let’s meet again in the summer.


8 thoughts on “Brrrrrr

  1. Thank you Susi. Sometimes we do have to change our position to get a better view of the moon. Hopefully she will get back inside so she can see the moon again in the summer.

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      1. I am often the same way with some prompts, to the point of not participating on some weeks because nothing seems to come to me at all in the form of writing.

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