14 thoughts on “Fragile

  1. I am actually speaking to the tenuousness between life and death. Maybe you have never gotten close to that line, where one millisecond either way can mean the difference between remaining alive or meeting death, and the frailty of life. This was what your words spoke to me of. Your enclosure said to me your body, and the many ways of which a body can die. Your interior–your mind, which too can be “lost” to many forms of mental illness, which could be a living death.
    When I spoke of choices, it was to try to say that for every way a person could die, there are at least as many ways to choose to live. Meanwhile, if we choose to look at death, it looks like we lose the ability to choose. But do we really? The mind is capable of many things. Maybe it is capable of choosing what is behind the veil of death.
    Thus I interpreted your words, through my own lens, of course.

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    1. Ah, thank you for clarifying. I understand now. I actually have gotten close to that line and is part of why I spoke about the frailty of the physical life in the first part. Having seen and experienced how tragedy, emotions and mental illness affects us, led to the second part. We are incredibly resilient as a species but there will always be things which eventually contribute to our downfall in some form. Thank you for taking the time to interpret thru your lens! 🙂


  2. The veil between life and death is so thin that seeing to the other side can seem but a point of vision. Yet being on the side of life allows for so many choices it is hard to imagine being anywhere else. We wonder, can it really be possible to have no choice?

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    1. The closest we ever come to “seeing” death (the other side of life) is, imo, waking up from sleep. I’m not sure what you are trying to convey but I feel it is relating to power or in having none. And this is something I’m not trying to imply with this piece. Unless of course, that is what you took away from it maybe?


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