Just Another Cliched Story

And just like that, she did what was best for her. 🙂

Finally Unchained

They were in a cafe, drinking hot cappuccino and cold macchiato at 8 p.m. It’s the same cafe when he asked her to be his girlfriend a year ago. The boy kept looking down to his phone without giving a **** about a girl in front of him.

“Should we break up?” She asked, tried to break the silence.

He finally looked up from his phone, “What? But why?”

“I don’t think we can hold onto this relationship any longer,”

“You know it’s been a hard time for me, why can’t you understand?” He raised the tone of his voice.

She shook her head, “You always do this.”

“Do what?”

She sighed softly, “You always wanted me to understand you,”

He laughed, “Isn’t that what couples should do?”

“But I need you to understand me too,” She held her tears.

He grabbed her hands, “Babe, I’m sorry. You know I…

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