Game of Thrones

In my moments of “you’re just too busy”
I’m waiting.

Your agenda is keeping you engrossed.
I’m waiting.

Interests pulling you away.
I’m waiting.

Mandatory manly needs more important at the moment.
I’m waiting.

Just an occasional shout-out would even feel ok.
I’m waiting.

Your work, so fucking important.
I’m waiting.

Your real duty, so obvious.
I’m waiting.

But I’m the needy one.
I’m the crazy one.
The demanding one.
Too fucking sad you got stuck with this woman’s impatience.
You lament.

She’s beyond caring what your reaction may be.




31 thoughts on “Patient

      1. Well, it’s a relief that I am not the protagonist to face your wrath..
        Coming to the meeting part, a man pissed you off, so another one has to correct it.. I don’t know how a “woman” can help you reduce your “anger” towards men.. 😉

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  1. A never ending of being busy first, then you second right? And even then. I clearly put an end to such a relationship a while back, it felt so good to say it plainly to the person and end this charade of being too busy.

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  2. I have known this feeling all too well, even in just everyday friendships. You kinda wonder why people make such a big thing of themselves being available and present when they’re clearly not. I don’t like being a mere option—if even that. Well put, Susi. Perfect, actually.

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    1. The every day friendships are usually where it’s most unexpected we have interest. And the ones where it’s not evident that have set me off extensively – sky high actually! We are NOT mere options, rather should be a focus. Thanks for your kind words, Tony! Appreciate your support. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your concern, Suzanne! My posts are from my past and/or my present. Sometimes something will hit “just right” allowing some feelings to bubble to the surface. Then I must write. 🙂

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