18 thoughts on “Be Gone

  1. While everyone hates douchebags, it still might be difficult to spot one, miles away.
    I hope you don’t have to deal with such people who harass you. Be strong, don’t tolerate harassment.
    More power to you..!!

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      1. With every boy that gets educated, with every case which is believed and moves forward to prosecution, the “bad boys” will either get scared into correct behavior or they adapt. But you’re right, we can only hope that it continues to move forward in the right direction.


      2. Agreed. I think I’m so jaded now. My last relationship was just awful. My new one is at a crossroad. I pretty much told him to love me wholeheartedly or not at all. Im so done compromising my needs.

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      3. I fully understand. Recently, I read a meme about how women weren’t put on this earth to fix men. While I agree in individual relationships, we kinda are helping to though with the metoo movement. It’s a good thing! I’m glad you stook your ground. I wish you well!


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