54 thoughts on “Ennui

  1. The most awful space I’ve ever experienced in my life. I lost the will to live. I had no hope and no care. Such a lovely piece Susi.. loved it❤

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  2. A haiku for you

    Find a quiet stream-
Sitting nicely on its banks-
Casting woes and stones-

    For peaceful moments-
    Align our soulful delight-
    With silent solace-

    Enjoy each day with a moment just for you.

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    1. Awwwww, thank you so much for that, Byung! I’m so touched by your kind words. Congratulations on the nomination!! I am honored that you thought of me but I would ask not to be nominated at this time. Since I’ve published this last book, I’ve been working a rather rigid schedule to attain the goals I’ve set for myself in the next few months. I hope you understand. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Tony! You are so right. It is an awful place. Like a forced indecision that leads to nothingness, and you have no control over it. Depression is similar as you feel weighted down but it’s worse because you just continue downward into a black hole. This feeling is almost worse in that you feel all the same things as depression but add to that wanting a possibility of hope which doesn’t come through. You never quite get there.

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