Hidden Talents


The best of you is waiting for your decision.
Offer it for public consumption
or stifle it to appease fear?

What are you saving your best for?
Is there a prize for coming in last?
Is defeat gonna be your trademark?

Let you shine!
Tell yourself fear is the hint that your offering needs an audience.
Embrace the challenge!

Throw yourself up against life and stick the landing!
Hold on for the applause,
and keep riding till you can’t ride no more.

I Write Her Weekly Haiku Challenge #2


 Michael Prewett

Welcome back to my weekly challenge. It’s time to get your creative juices on again!
So tell me, how would you interpret this image above?


  • Create a standard three line, 5/7/5 syllable count haiku
  • Deadline for each submission will be on the Saturday of this week
  • Up to 3 pieces permitted
  • Link to this “IWH Haiku Challenge#”  on your post
  • Always give photo credit if there is one
  • Complete entry form below

Above all else, have fun with this! 🙂



Here are the links to all the wonderful submissions I received last week from the first challenge. I do hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Joshua Coleman

Candice – Sacred Venus 

Elsie Hagley – Ramblings of a Writer

Cube On! – Radhika – Radhika’s Reflections

Share the Gift – Hélène Vaillant – Willow Poetry

My Magical Cube – Eugenia – ThusNSuch

Colored Box – The Dark Netizen

No Escape – Dave Madden 

Don’t Wait

I hope you enjoy this truth as much as I did. Thank you for sharing, Precious!

Journeying Through My Thoughts

Don’t wait after I die to weep the unused opportunities of kissing me on the forehead and telling me that you love me.

Do it now… so I can tell you that I love you even more.


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IWH Haiku Challenge #1

Joshua Coleman

As promised, I gave it more thought and developed a challenge for my readers. I do hope you’ll join me. The more the merrier they say. I look forward to all your writing!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to create a standard three line, 5/7/5 syllable count haiku. It will be interesting to see how you will interpret the image I’ve supplied above.

I’m looking for those which truly express the most in this style but also present a feel of substance and richness with their words. Haikus are already difficult with their limitations but there are experts among you who have a talent for meeting this challenge.

The deadline for each submission will be on the following Saturday of each week. This is important as I will not accept any after Saturday, 11:59PM Central Time Zone. You can submit up to three pieces if you have other interpretations of what you see but each must be uniquely different. When you post your piece(s), please link to my “IWH Haiku Challenge” and the # of the post at the bottom of your piece should any of your audience want to participate too. If there is a photo credit, please make sure to add the credit to the image you post on your page.

I’ll do a recap for the audience to enjoy by presenting all submissions in a post on the following Tuesday.  And you’ll also see a new image challenge should you decide to participate.

So go create your Interpretation from the prompt, publish it on your blog/website and submit the information below in the form. Hit the SUBMIT button and your information will be emailed to me.

Above all, have fun with this! 🙂

To participate, complete this entry form: