14 thoughts on “Paid Slavery

  1. I agree. But, just maybe, we are on the brink of true revolution. It is certainly not about sides of a house. Not about Trump, other than he is a fascinating figurehead in my fevered mind. It’s not really about a wall at all. It is not simply about a southern border solution. Not just about drugs, traffic of every conceivable product. Not just about global drudgery slavery – although that is key. It might not even be totally about our planet and it’s future. This ‘thing’ that is happening might be about our very existence and core. It might, just, be about a galactic re-positioning of our world society, truth revealed. I may be completely mad, bonkers and deluded. But hopefully, we are entering, screaming, kicking and mewling like babies, a brand new era of truth. Elemental, unbidden by ‘them,’ craved by ‘us,’ going forward as one, all in step?

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  2. A system of fraud perpetrated on everyone, by everyone. The only reasons it still works is we either want it to, or don’t know what else to do. The whole system forces us to perform at a very unpleasant level. I want more leisure and less stuff.

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