Baby, It’s Cold Out Here


(It’s good with you near) But, baby, it’s cold out here
(In my arms you’re my dear) But, baby, it’s cold out here
(So let’s go inside) Been hoping that you’d say that
(Try to warm up) Let’s snuggle together real nice


True story

women will be cold
until consent is given
then men will get warmth
but not before
these are the times now
when boundaries
are to be respected
get with the program

**some social commentary on the recently controversial song “Baby, It’s Cold Out There”

19 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Out Here

  1. Well said the society is moving in the right direction. To be honest I didn’t notice the controversy in the song until it was pointed out and I couldn’t unhear that perspective anymore. Actually the song was way way way milder than what I have heard growing up in Indian cinema. There’s literally a song that says “kill that woman, beat that woman..” that was a chartbuster in my state a few years back. we romanticised stalking in moviecs. Anyway coming back to this song, I loved the song but going against a song or movie won’t bring about any change, it will only create more needless media diversion. Media loves making money out of controversies so instead of feeding more controversies we should make it to look at the real problems. In my country countless rape cases go un noticed just because they did not happen in a metropolitan city, the horrible plight of sex workers, sanitation problems in public commuting places etc

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    1. Thank you! The is the catalyst for having a dialogue about what is appropriate behavior. Singling out this song may be going overboard but at least we recognize what needs to change. So in that sense, it’s good it became controversial. Rape, violence against women, issues with sex workers, etc is something universal. My hope is this is shifting for the better. The more women rise up and are successful in being heard, equality is achieved, then these tragedies will lessen. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  2. Yes, boundaries need to be respected indeed! The song was written in 1944 and there are other songs with lyrics that are blantantly disrespectful. To be concerned about the meaning of this song seems trite, IMO.

    Nice poem, Susi.

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  3. I have heard so much about this lately. I do not think the song is insensitive, what is insensitive is the person that does not respect boundaries. Playful banter is ok its when one party crosses line. I think even in the thick of the #metoo movement it needs to be ok to joke , flirt, sing dance we can”t loose ourselves because of a small handful of individuals that lack respect, honor and morals.
    As always Susie solid piece. ❤

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    1. There’s a controversy raging in the US about this song’s lyric. With the #metoo movement and current atmosphere, it’s looked upon as an inappropriate song. This piece is to reflect the shift of the societal mindset which is occurring.

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