17 thoughts on “Becoming Whole

    1. It is a lesson that I learned later in life but yes, focusing inward brought forth a better understanding of who I was. Writing has given me myself back, so to speak. I’ve read so many good writers here in the WordPress community that help me to up my game but also, they help me connect to even deeper thoughts waiting to come out. This past year has been a year of discovery for me. Very satisfying to say the least! ❤

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    1. Oh, John, so kind! Thank you for that. I appreciate your support! This is my happy place – going deep for more and sharing it with the world. I blame all the wonderful inspiration around me. 😉 So many good writers who dare to go where many do not. I’ve learned a great deal about myself in the writings of others. They give me the courage to be even more vulnerable to putting myself out there. Very thankful for the WordPress Community 🙂

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