Oleksandr Kurchev

waves of hate
inward and out

years of betrayal
misuse and mishandling

all that is wrong
is not righted

all that has healed
is not pretty

all that is pretty
is a mask we wear

the back side of smiles
hiding the ugly scars

where is the beauty
in you or in me

8 thoughts on “Distorted

  1. When it comes to life teaching me, I am often a slow learner. I do rebel and not ready to accept. Life does not give up on me and gives me the same lesson again but harder next time, that’s when I have no choice but to go with the flow. With relationships I also learned the hard way. Today I am a bit wiser and let go my control and accept more. Life is much easier this way. In my 75th year it’s about time i grow up 🙏

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  2. It is difficult to be authentic at all times and in all ways. I find myself hiding my grief, my pain more often than not. Other times when I do show it, it is brushed aside by those with me, and I get the same old statement, get over it. Trusting is what I am working on, after major issues with trust, it has left me bruised and scared, but a lot of it has healed. We do eventually come out of our darkness into the light. Each of us at our own pace.
    I love this poem, Susie. It says it all for me, absolutely right on. Thank you for being who you are.

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    1. You are right, what’s difficult is determining who to trust. I’ve finally figured out who to be authentic with. So now I don’t have to hide it when those feelings arise. I’m glad you enjoyed this piece. Thank you for your acceptance of me. 🙂

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      1. We have a choice to be with those of like mind and heart. Changing our life relationship and acquaintances takes some tact, for me it was not an easy transition.

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