In Recovery

Forever Alone

It took my last bit of strength to pick up
every last bit of shredded me off the floor.

Left with bloody fragments of a torn heart,
a distorted mind and a shaken psyche.

My existence, Picasso’s The Weeping Woman feel to it.

Feeling awkwardly out of place and lost in my space.

I had to recalibrate; I needed to rebuild.

Now I’m new and different, possibly improved.

A little wiser for the wear; a lot harder around the edges.

More protective of me, not so naive anymore.

Self-preservation took me to new heights.

I’m back and ready.

Don’t ever hurt me again.

12 thoughts on “In Recovery

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was a difficult but empowering time in my life. Sometimes I wish I’d not gone through it. However, the positive that came out of it impacted me for the better. I’m glad you enjoyed it! ❤

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      1. The testing and trying times are such that when they strike, it forces us to think why of all the beings it was us, its always in the latter part when its over, we feel there are certain things which are beyond our understanding, however moments and events such happen to prepare us for something unknown !
        It was a beautiful expression of that emotion ! 🙂

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