8 thoughts on “Fearful

  1. Oh don’t get me started. You are one of the very few lucky ones who have most of your life still left and you already figured that out. There are many, let me reiterate again, many many people out there who have not figured such a simple, yet the most awesome thing about their own lives i.e. courage. I can’t even shake my head in front of those poor souls. I can only be thankful (for myself) and pray for them to conjure up enough courage to feel alive when they are already since the day they were born.

    Susi, does this really require someone to write a whole book or go through lots of therapy sessions only to have something as simple as courage? I am definitely not talking about the ones suffering from some sort of PTSD. I am merely pointing to the majority of us average, normal people in this world. I think you should write someday about your own half of the life struggle to have this courage that you have today. There must be definitely for me to learn from your own experience in this regard.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve tried and honestly, writing about my past has been depressing. Maybe one day I will get back to it but for right now, I’m very content writing about those things which I share. πŸ™‚

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  2. If you are prepared for the worst but ready for the best, I am sure no judging can stop you to unravel this marvelous self of yours to the world.

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      1. Of course. Courage is the bare minimum ingredient of the very essence of life itself. Every breath we take, is announcement to the world that we are alive and instead of withholding it, we are inhaling and exhaling it. That’s courage right there. The courage to live out loud. And that’s all the courage one needs to unravel themselves to the rest of the world.

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