21 thoughts on “Dead Inside

  1. After seeing so many suffer in the pursuit of better, I prefer to stay happy and content with good enough. There’s no harm at stopping yourself from going through too many changes without catching a breath. Actually, that happens naturally if we can let our spirits take charge of our bodies.

    Sorry for this long philosophical take on it but I found your blog so recently and since we are new to each other, let’s enjoy this strangers talk 🙂

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      1. Why’d one want to grow when all the grown-ups around are in so much pain they don’t show! I like our conversation 🙂

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  3. hmm the sadness in this and emptiness, acceptance follows as well as self doubt. you have captured so much in this. Perception is different for everyone but some things all can see if their eyes are wide open.. xoxo I enjoy your words

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