Deep scars embedded in our psyche.
We were marred by loved ones we should call traitors.

We feel the need to hide the frayed nerve endings deep inside.
The repeated shocks to our system and sensibilities can make us mute.

But let’s not go quietly.

Our enemies expect silence from us.
But we deserve better than staying restrained.

Not screaming to the rafters calling out their crimes, buys them a better life than they are due.

The one we were owed.

Be strong, be loud and let your wounds heal.

11 thoughts on “Wounds

  1. I am healed.
    A small ulcer, still oozing darkness, hides deep within. I pick at it sometimes and the rancidness gushes out and infects my eyes with tears.
    I am healed.

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      1. Thank you ❤….but no…I am not a writer, I am just moved at times to give replies to my dearest friends writings….she brings my soul to the surface.

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