Where I’m From | Poetry Exercise

Where I’m From is a poem by George Ella Lyon that has become a popular poem to mimic. I got this idea from Zarah Parker – Memoir of a Writer.

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Write a poem (or in whatever form you want) about where you’re from. (Here’s more about it.) Let me know if you try it out!


I’m from a city split in two.

I’m from a disorderly
MP – hung-over,
working his assignment
by the wall.


I’m from a pretty, insane
blonde German
girl who caught
the eye of that uniform.

I’m from the connection
of their bad choices.

I’m from an alcohol-fueled
tryst, an act of
jealousy-inducing sex.


I’m from the place
of pastries named
after what I am.



Ich bin ein Berliner.


8 thoughts on “Where I’m From | Poetry Exercise

  1. I ❤ Berlin..!! I really do..
    To me, Berlin has a mysterious soul. A spirit which is indomitable. A people who have pulled out a feat which is virtually impossible. A City, which whose rise can make even Phoenix gasp in wonder..!!
    Ich liebe BERLIN.. ❤

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