Grasping at Moments



Nothingness or consciousness, life’s options for existence.
A person’s journey of being superficially involved, and yet not really.

The events and moments in time feel like cerebral experiences made substantive by our senses.

Before – Anticipation
During – Experiencing
After – Reflection

What do these magnificent moments of observation signify?

They seem meaningful, but don’t feel real. And then they do.

Focused on the moment, shutting down the thoughts, creates the feeling of things just being. Being real.

But reality feels uncapturable. This fleeting slice of time in the in-between.

Consciousness doesn’t grasp the moment, just allows us to view it as it drifts away.
Locked in our mind’s depths for future recall. Maybe.

The brain interprets, the feels occur.
It was good, bad, or a thousand other expressions.

Biochemical warfare rages in the brain, and a whole new version of reality emerges.

What can you trust? 

What is the reality?

I don’t know. But it’s a work in understanding. 

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