Conflict erupts, yet again. Respond or slink away?

If I stay, I face the cacophony of fieriness; I put myself in danger of being wounded.
Leave, and I’m embarrassed that I didn’t defend myself.

It’s a lose/lose scenario.

How do I represent? Why do I care? What do I gain and what is at stake?

All thoughts are firing amidst the chaos playing out in front of me. WHAT DO I DO??

The internal struggle dominates in this external battle, this the more pressing issue.

The voice deep within gets louder. WHAT DO I DO?!?!”

I hesitate, I’m crushed.
I match the tone, I’m angrier.
I fear, I lose.

The indecision is killing me. The best of us dies too.

I bloody my world.

I feel red.

It’s the anger at myself, and others who put me into the mode of having to figure it out.

I see red.

It’s the blood in my eyes. Enduring pain which colors my world dismal.

I embody red.

It’s the cloak of shame I wear. Every quarrel, every struggle with you, every time.

It’s time to think clearly. This cycle of pain needs to stop. NOW!

A birthing of insight emerges. It must, or I lose myself.

My being, this drama, it needs to face this human. Challenge Level 100.

I respond with the face of who I am, who I protect and who I must love first.

This being here – me – is constant. My humanity is the battle worth having.

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